Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to make your own wrap-style baby carrier

When my first, Josie, was little I had a bag style carrier and a Baby Bjorn for her. I didn't really like either. With the Infantino bag sling I couldn't see her very well, and it didn't adjust for me, so it really was like carrying your baby in a bag. I even had one guy ask me, while I was on a walk, ''Hey, whatchoo got in that bag?"

The Baby Bjorn I didn't like because it make her fat little legs turn purple. Plus, now it's being said that the front facing structured carriers are bad for a baby's hips and spine.

Before I got pregnant with Henry, a friend of mine kept raving about her Moby wrap. Basically, it's a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself to hold your baby. For 40 bucks. 40 bucks!

So.... I found these instructions.

I could explain it here, without pictures.

All you need is 5-6 yards of jersey knit fabric from Joann Fabric or whatever hobby store you have close by, a pair of scissors, a flat surface and a ruler. No sewing required! I used 5 yards of plain grey fabric for 5 bucks a yard.

Get your fabric, fold it long-ways in thirds and cut. Voila. You'll have three wraps 5-6 yards by 20 inches. Save one or two (nice to have a backup) for yourself and give one or two away! Three wraps for 20 dollars.

For a long list of different carries go here:


  1. So easy!!

    Like you, I had a bag style type sling when Taylor was new. It was my pediatrician who recommended that I try sewing a Maya style ring sling after she saw the diapers I had made.

    I love the Moby too, but I found it to be too hot to wear during the summer. Perhaps I will start using it again now that it is starting to get cooler out.

  2. The moby style wrap is even great for plus size Momma's. I LOVE mine. It took awhile to figure out the wrapping is different, but it is amazing!! If you get 100% cotton knit you will sweat less when you wear it. I've used mine for the first 10mo of my daughters life and she's almost a year old.